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Promos Only releases

All In The Mind (1991)
UK CS Virgin
1. All In The Mind
2. Just To See You Move
3. Who's Clean
4. Verve Are Rising
5. Sun The Sea
5-track promo maxi cassette, title/tracklisting sleeve

monday flexi
Make It Til Monday (1993)
UK 7" (FLEXY1) Hut Recordings
1. Make It Til Monday (Live from Glastonbury)
Promo Only flexi given away at gigs

blue usa
Blue (USA mix) (1995)
US CD (14193) Vernon Yard
Blue (USA mix) (3:17)
6 O'Clock (4:30)
Make It Till Monday (Acoustic) (2:45)
Virtual World (Acoustic) (4:45)

On Your Own (Richard Ashcroft Acoustic Live) (1995)
On Your Own
UK CD Virgin
On Your Own (Richard Ashcroft Acoustic Live @ MTV 120 minutes)

Price Media Condition Label On Your Own 3:34 7.35 CDsingle M-/M- Vernon Yard Item Number: 156437 cd - VERVE, THE - On Your Own 3:34 - added songs (only on full length cd's & vinyl albums): - - label and other info: Vernon Yard 12747/promo issue/silkscr.group pic/back ps/'95 condition (no condition listed means M-/M- ... S/S means factory sealed) VERVE On Your Own (1995 US 1-track promotional PICTURE CD issued exclusively to radio and reviewers. A stunning black and white picture disc of the band features the 3:34 version and is complete with a custom backing inlay sleeve, DPRO-12747).
Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remixes) (1997)
UK CD (HUTTR 82) Virgin
A Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
B Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Instrumental Remix)
Credits: Engineer - Jim Abbiss
Producer [Additional Production] - KUDO , Tim Goldsworthy
Remix - James Lavelle
Scratches - Tony Vegas
Notes: For promotional use only.
Remixed by James Lavelle for U.N.K.L.E. productions.

The Drugs Don't Work (1997)
FR CD (8945872) Virgin
1. Lavelle Mix
2. ??
Lavelle Mix French 2-trk CD, card p/s

5 cover
Five by Five EP (1997)
US CD (13112) Virgin
Come On (6:37)
The Rolling People (7:02)
Lucky Man (radio edit) (4:20)
Catching the Butterfly (6:26)
Space and Time (5:37)

The Interview (1997)
UK CD (VERVEIV 97) Virgin
Come On (6:37)

Peel Session (2000)
UK CS (??) Hut Recordings
Tracklisting ??
Hut Recordings UK promo cass + custom inlay

VERVE The Rolling People (US 3-track promo only red and black picture CD includes Radio Edit, Album Version & Call Out Hook - nice custom sleeve - and this title not released elsewhere as a single DPRO-13179!) . 1998 VERVE Lucky Man (US 5-track promo silk screened picture CD includes Radio Edit, Album Version, plus three Call Out Research Hooks, custom picture sleeve of Richard in street scene, DPRO-12794) . VERVE Urban Hymns (Scarce 1997 US promotional only Virgin label press pack which includes a 2-page press release, 24-pages of press cuttings & two 10" x 8" photographs. All housed inside a silver embossed black A4 folder!). VERVE Urban Hymns TV Commercial (UK 30sec promo only video) .1998