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Higher than the Scum Melody Maker, 7 March 1992
Richard - The Third Eye NME, 15 May 1993

"The" Classic Interview with Mad Richard
Astral Freaks Melody Maker, 13 June 1992
Material World NME, 17 October 1992

Vigour with Attitude NME 29 February 1993
Lad In Space Melody Maker 15 May 1993
Undercover Q magazine, June 1993
Verve Lime Lizard, July 1993
Sheer Verve Ray Gun November 1993

Sheer Verve Record Collector, November 1997
Nick Mccabe Interview Post-Verve

There's no more anger anymore NME - 31 Aug. 07 new
This is Music NME - 6 Oct 07 new

Record Reviews
All in the Mind Select, April 1992
A Storm in Heaven NME, 15 May 1993
A Storm in Heaven Vox July 1993
A Storm in Heaven Alternative Press 1993
A Northern Soul Select, August 1995
A Northern Soul Select, August 1995

Other Related
Neotropic - LaProchaine Fois

Gig Reviews
London Borderline March 1992?

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