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May 5, 2016
BREAKING: First 2 verve albums to be re-released

Nick McCabe has posted on his facebook page that both A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul are getting deluxe reissue treatment. He was the last of the band to sign off on them. A Storm in heaven will be released as a 4CD boxset and A Northern Soul as a 3CD boxset. No word if this will come out on vinyl as well, but I suspect so. Apparently b-sides and some unreleased material will be included. According to Nick, one of which is a 'South Pacific' rewrite, "which we mistook at the time as a failure - which turns out is amazing". Nick also mentions a song from the Urban Hymns session called 'Always and Maybe' as the best unknown Verve track, which he suspects will make it on the Urban Hymns deluxe boset, whenever that is announced. No release date has been announced. Also no word on if the the material has been remastered. On another side note (?), A Northern Soul is being reissued on 2LP in Auguest of this year. This apparently has been remastered, so this maybe confirms that.

More Recent Nick activity

Natalie Kocab and Michaela Polokova have released a new album which features Nick. It's called "Ellis Island" and It's only avilable digitally in the UK and Europe at the moment

New Ashcroft Album

It's called 'these people' and will be out on May 20th. I'm not happy about what he has been saying about the Verve's legacy recently, so I won't promote more than this brief post.

Novemeber 23, 2015
Nick working The The Future Sound of London/Amorphous Androgynous

Gaz Cobain posted some clips on his Facebook page, sounds great. will be curious to see how it turns out for the final product!

March 11, 2015
She's A Superspar demo appears online

Check it out here on Soundcloud.

March 8, 2015
New The Verve activity?

Nick McCabe has posted his desire to work with Richard again. Recently onfacebook, he has expressed his desire to reform for A Northern Soul 20th anniversary gigs and wanting to record new Verve material, all along with continuing his his other projects like The Black Submarines as well as others!.Let's keep our fingers crossed!

May 25, 2011
Black Ships release FREE EP

Kurofune is the name of the EP. The Black Ships play there first ever gig Thursday June 2nd at Kings College in London.

For more info check the bands Facebook page.

February 3, 2011
Black Ships on the horizon

The Black Ship have been rehearsing in Wales and plan to play live dates soon. They've just launched The Black

January 18, 2011
Brian Connon on 'Astorm in Heaven' cover

Check it Out! Nick McCabe to appear on Twilight Singers Album

The Verve's Nick McCabe is set to appear on the Twilight Singers' first album in five years. McCabe has lent his guitar skills to tracks on 'Dynamite Steps,' the long-awaited follow-up to 2006's 'Powder Burns.'

Released on Valentines Day, the record is also set to feature a guest appearance from Mark Lanegan -- with whom Twilight Singers mainman Greg Dulli regularly plays alongside under the guise the Gutter Twins -- the NME reports.

The return of the Twilight Singers follows Dulli's first-ever solo tour last year which, as previously reported by Spinner, featured a career-spanning set taking in both Twilight Singers and Afghan Whigs material. The outing also gave Dulli the chance to test out new songs which will make up part of 'Dynamite Steps.'


November 19, 2010
The Black Ships album

The band are currently putting the finishing touch on their debut album, which will be released in the very near future. In the meanwhile, check out what the band recommend.

August 1, 2010
The Black Ships album track listing

*Proposed album track listing!*
Just A Second Away
Here So Rain
Black Submarine
Is This All We Feel
Everything That Happened To Me Is You
She's So Heavy

Obviously not the complete list as there are a lot of tracks that we are still working on and haven't made the final decision.

Please Note: The above is open to changes in title and may not make the cut.

Source: The Black Ships Facebook page

March 30, 2010
The Black Ships first release

The Black Ships release is a remix of Strange Hours '10 by Recoil (former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder) which features the Black Ships. Check it out here.

Here Alan Wilder talk about the track with the Black Ships

February 16, 2010
The Black Ships!

The Black Ships is a ex-verve project featuring Nick McCabe and Simon Jones, along with Davide Rossi and Mig Schillace. Check out their Myspace site and listen to the Black Ships on auto.

October 25, 2008
New single, 'Rather Be'

The Verve release their new single 'Rather Be' from their 2008 album, 'Forth' on November 17th. Below is details of the single and the video. It features 2 new songs and a new remix of 'Love is Noise' by Tom Middleton. No sign of 'Blue Pacific Ocean ' which was rumoured to be on this single

Rather Be (Edit)
Love Is Noise (Tom Middleton Remix).

Rather Be 7" 1 (clear vinyl)
Rather Be (Edit)
All Night Long.

Rather Be 7" 2 (gatefold sleeve)
Rather Be (Edit)
Major Force

Rather Be (Edit)
Live track (TBC)

October 9, 2008
Richard Ashcroft book competition Winners

The correct answer was 'Mad Richard'. Congratuations to Dave Di Pierro (United States) and Dave Laing (Canada)! Your books will be with you shortly.

September 25 2008
Richard Ashcroft book competition

Independent Music Press and and author Trevor Baker are kind enough to offer (2) copies of 'Richard Ashcroft: The "Verve", Burning Money and the Keys to the World' book up for grabs. All you have to do is answer the following question to be entered. Fans with the correct answer will be entered in to the drawing. The competeion ends October 2nd 12:00 MIDNIGHT USA EST.

What was Richard's nickname in the early days of the Verve? *******

4 August 2008
Richard to go solo again

Richard Ashcroft will release at least one more solo album since he has one album album as part of his current contract. This text is extracted from

The Verve's Richard Ashcroft has said that he plans to return to recording solo material, despite his reformed band headlining festivals and releasing their first album in 11 years.

Ashcroft told Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 that he had no plans to ditch his solo career, but reformed The Verve because he thought it would be "a shame" to leave the band dormant after they split for the second time in 1999.

"I will continue my solo stuff," he confirmed. "But it seemed a shame to leave this thing dormant when there is so much talent there."

The Verve To Continue On After Reunion Album

August 20, 2008 , 1:15 PM ET Gary Graff, Detroit The Verve considers its forthcoming album "Forth," the reunited British group's first new set in 11 years, to be the beginning of its new era -- and the continuation of a career that's been interrupted by two previous break-ups.

"This definitely is an ongoing concern; it's not something that we're all just gonna chuck away again," bassist Simon Jones tells "Looking back I don't think we had to be so blunt and, 'Alright, we're splitting up!' really. We should've just chilled out for a bit and taken some time out, to be honest.

"But obviously we all had a deep yearning inside to get back to do this or it wouldn't have happened. I just hope we don't split up again, now ... 'cause it becomes a bit silly, doesn't it?' "

Since reuniting in 2007, the Verve has played dates in Great Britain, Europe and the U.S., and Jones says the quartet is chomping at the bit to get back to North America once "Forth" comes out on Tuesday.

"It's gonna be towards the end of this year or the beginning of the new one," he notes. "We've got such a good fan base over there. We did so much touring early on and did Lollapalooza (in 1994). We did six dates earlier this year, and it wasn't enough. I want to visit all those places we've been where we know we've got fans and breathe life into these new songs from ('Forth'). That's definitely on our list of things to do."

Jones confirms that Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft is contractually obligated to record another solo album, but says it will not interfere with whatever is next for the band.

"I don't think us being back together means we have to do a record every year," Jones says. "We'll do it on our own terms and at our own pace. But, definitely, all of us want to pursue this. It's something that means a lot to all of us. It's a bit of a shock to be doing it again, but a very nice shock, really."


9 July 2008
'Love is Noise' video

The Verve - Love Is Noise

New Album vinyl details

The 2LP version comes with 2 bonus tracks not on the CD, 'Mama Soul' and 'Muhammad Ali'.

Record 1
Side 1
1.Sit And Wonder
2.Love Is Noise
3.Rather Be

Side 2
3.I See Houses

Record 2
Side 1
1.Noise Epic
2.Valium Skies

Side 2
1.Ma Ma Soul
2.Muhammad Ali
3.Appalachian Springs

US release details

Apparently, the CD will be released in digipack form. It will also be released on 2LP with bonus CD (of the album) and DVD! I assume this will be the same DVD on the UK release. Then art a later date, the CD will be re-released with the bonus DVD.

Source: Caffinated1 on the forum

Verve release 'Mover' as a free download

It was available free only for one week (last week) on the official Verve website. I'm sure you can find it on the web, though I suspect it will be a b-side as well. It will be interesting to see what bonus tracks appear on the Japanese version. I suspect it will be the 2 tracks from the vinyl.

'Forth' cover art revealed

25 June 2008
New Album details

The album is called, 'Forth' and is released internationally August 18 via EMI and August 19 in North America via the band's On Our Own imprint with distribution from MRI/Megaforce/RED. Here is the tracklisting:
01 Sit and Wonder
02 Love Is Noise
03 Rather Be
04 Judas
05 Numbness
06 I See Houses
07 Noise Epic
08 Valium Skies
09 Columbo
10 Appalachian Springs

23 June 2008
New Verve song 'Love is Noise' on Myspace

The Verve's 'Love is Noise' is now streaming on their Myspace site. Pure classic Verve,like they've never been away!

22 June 2008
New Verve song 'Rather Be'

The Verve played a new song called 'Rather Be' at Nova Rock 2008

20 June 2008
New Verve Single, 'Love is Noise'

The brand Verve single, 'Love is Noise', is going to premiere on the Zane Lowe on his BBC Radio One show which runs from 7 - 9pm UK Time. You can listen live via the internet by visiting the Radio One Website and selecting listen live. The new album is rumoured to be released in August

New Forum Launched

A Storm in Heaven and The Verve Live have collaberated in presenting a brand new Verve forum. Although we have named the forum, 'The North Amercian Verve Forum', all are welcome to join in the discussion.

1 May 2008
Nick McCabe speaks at Coachella

Nick McCabe talks about the forthcoming album at Coachcella.

26 April 2008
New Verve song debuts at Coachella

It's called 'Love Is The Noise' here is the video on youtube.

Taking things as they come

The Verve taking things as they come on first U.S. tour in 10 years
It messes with your head, seeing your face blown up to the size of a Volvo.

A little more than a decade ago, Simon Jones got everything he wanted -- fame, fortune, his mug on billboards.

And only then did he realize that he really didn't want it at all.

In 1997, Jones' band, neo-psychedelic Brits The Verve, fulfilled all the promise of a tumultuous eight-year career when its third album, "Urban Hymns," became a worldwide smash. Driven by the monster hit "Bittersweet Symphony," which sampled the Rolling Stones, the album brought the band's moody, enveloping rock to the mainstream.

But success would take as much of a toll on the band as its well-documented struggles up to that point.

"The strange thing is that's all you want. You want to be that big," the genial bassist says. "We definitely set out to be massive from day one, but you don't actually dwell too much on what baggage comes with that.

"I just remember walking down Kilburn High Road in London where I lived and seeing a huge billboard with all our faces on it and it all started to become a bit surreal from that point on," he continues. "I don't think any of us were quite prepared for what was to come. I don't think anyone knew how to handle it. We all panicked in our own way."

Almost overnight, The Verve went from toiling in modest-size clubs to becoming one of the biggest bands in the world, and the group wilted from the demands of being such a high-profile act, baking in the spotlight like ants beneath a magnifying glass.

"We were getting pushed, 'You've got to do this, you've got to do that,' " Jones recalls. "And we were just like, 'Well, I guess we have to do it then, that's what we're being told and we've got no experience with what it takes when you've got a successful record.'

"It was just relentless," he adds of the heavy touring demands placed upon the band. "I remember Nick (McCabe, guitarist) telling me that he was looking at his diary and crying, thinking, 'Oh my God, I can't do this.' You write these songs, but do you want to be playing them for two years on the road? I don't know. I think we all just lost it. We burnt out. We had burnt out before, and we burnt out again."

And so the band broke up, for the second time, in 1999 amid much talk of excessive drug use and frayed nerves.

In the interim, Jones became a dad, hooked up with U.K. rockers The Shining and played live with pop chameleons the Gorillaz.

Then he got the fateful phone call from Verve singer Richard Ashcroft last year, asking if he wanted to get the band back together again.

"I feel totally ready for it again," Jones enthuses. "We're all a bit older now, we've all got kids and more normality in our lives, whereas back then, we were all a bit more carefree and really didn't care about much apart from the music. We've got to learn from our mistakes. We've got the same management, and I think that's a really good thing for us, because they went through the breakup, they saw what happened, and they realize now that they have to listen to what we say."

After playing a slew of U.K. gigs that sold out in minutes last winter, The Verve hit the studio and recorded a new album, which is due later this year.

Throughout its career, the band has been defined by taking substantial creative leaps between records. The band's 1993 debut, "A Storm in Heaven," was a sprawling, stoned-to-the-bone opus full of celestial rockers with stars in their eyes.

On the subsequent releases, The Verve would hone in on the dark, beatific, rainy day rock 'n' roll that would later make the band's members household names, always cultivating an air of mystery and suspense that engulfs their albums.

According to Jones, all these traits are palpable in the band's new material.

"Making this new record, it's got essences of all the records that we've made going back right to 'Storm in Heaven' through 'A Northern Soul' and 'Urban Hymns,' " he says. "I actually think this is the best record we've made. It's got the best balance of material."

The band will be debuting some of that new material on its first American tour in 10 years, which is limited to four cities and five dates, including a headlining slot at Coachella.

They're taking things as they come this time around, not forcing the issue, a fresh rebirth from a band that's long been defined by them.

"It feels like starting the band again," Jones says. "I don't think we can commit to doing too much. People should come and see us while they can, you know what I mean? Knowing our history, it might not last too long."

Contact reporter Jason Bracelin at or 702-383-0476.

21 April 2008
"Coming Verve Album Aims At Epic Greatness"
I've highlighted the interesting points. The new album is apparently scheduled for release in August

Coming Verve Album Aims at Epic Greatness


Richard Ashcroft, frontman for British band the Verve, once declared that the Verve were the world's greatest rock band. It was evident that even if they weren't, they certainly believed it. Now, as the newly reformed band prepares to tour and release their first album since 1997, bassist Simon Jones made it clear that the Verve want more than to be the greatest band on Earth: They want their place in the upper echelons of musical greatness "with the Who, the Kinks, the Beatles."

"A classic British band-that's all we've ever wanted to be really," said Jones. Arguably, they already are one. Their last album, Urban Hymns, all but solidified their status as one of the decade's greatest bands after "Bitter Sweet Symphony" shot all the way to number two on the UK singles charts. However, despite the Verve's prior success, Jones believes this record will be their legacy as a band.

"Having just finished the record, in my head, it's the best record we've ever made," he said. "We're better than we ever were as far as I'm concerned. This is an amazing record, and it will blow people's minds." But inevitably, the latest addition to the Verve's short catalogue will be compared to early albums, especially Urban Hymns. Jones acknowledged that it was difficult mustering enough energy to top what many call the apex of the band's career.

"The prospect of making a record after Urban Hymns is very daunting. I think now we're all mentally where you've got the enthusiasm like it's your first record all over again."

Jones spoke about the new album with palpable excitement. He made it clear that the album is in a class of its own, though it does include characteristics of their other albums.

"It's definitely got elements of A Storm in Heaven, definitely got elements of A Northern Soul, definitely got elements of Urban Hymns. It's got jams, it's got songs, it's got epicness to it. It's got everything that people expect a Verve record to sound like," he explained.

Jones also addressed other issues, namely the Verve's past conflicts and their multiple break-ups. Despite a rocky history, Jones hopes that the Verve will continue to make music, though he did entertain the possibility that it might be their last work. "Hopefully it's not and everything's going to be fine and we'll carry on forever," Jones said. "But who knows with this band. We're all strong individuals." He did note that this time around, the Verve now have had a chance to learn from the past and said that their fame was a "kind of surreal thing we weren't ready for."

"I think the main thing is to learn from our mistakes and what happened last time with Urban Hymns and the amount of pressure that was put on the band and the amount of touring we had to do."

Jones said that this new album currently has no name but will likely be released some time around August. The Verve began mixing the album last week and will listen to mixes while they are on their U.S tour, which kicks off at San Francisco's Warfield on April 24. Above all else, Jones stressed how great it is to be touring again and playing with the Verve, describing the experience in the only manner he could. "Playing these songs is pure abandonment," he said enthusiastically.

And for Verve fans everywhere, listening to them will be exactly that.

Source: Originally appeared at The Daily Califorian.

19 March 2008
The Verve to play Eden Project Sessions
The Verve have been confirmed to headline a mammoth outdoor show at Cornwall's Eden Project Sessions series on June 27.

They are the first band to be announced to play this year's seventh annual Eden Sessions at the iconic Biomes in Cornwall.

The band's reputation for explosive live shows marks the return of rockier, guitar-based music that the Eden Sessions were renowned for.

Peter Hampel, EdenÍs Creative Director, said "This is arguably the biggest coup yet for the Sessions and marks a welcome return to our heartland of great guitar bands. The Verve will kick the season off in spectacular style, and with other top names in the pipeline it really looks set to be one of our best ever."

Previous Eden Sessions have seen performances from Muse and former Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

Tickets for The Verve's Eden gig will go on sale at 6.30pm on March 27 and will be available through:

Source: Uncut.

28 February 2008
The Verve announce US Dates
Indio, CA Coachella (April 25)
Las Vegas, NV The Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms (April 26)
New York, NY WaMu Theater at MSG (April 28, 29)

The Verve announce Japan Dates
The Verve are to play the Summer Sonic festival , August 9th and 10th.

27 February 2008
Rumoured Album Tracklisting
Rather Be
Sit And Wonder
Applachian Springs
Mona Lisa
Blue Pacific Ocean
Spy Movie
Future Trip
Let The Damage Begin
Why Can't I Cry?

12 February 2008
The Verve speak about Glastonbury
Referring to their closing slot on Sunday (June 29), The Verve said: "Playing Glastonbury's a great opportunity to bring yet another aspect of The Verve full circle.

"We played twice in the early '90s which was great - we felt there was a uniqueness in those performances.

"We're really looking forward to playing at night at Glastonbury for the first time when you can witness the full twinkling makeshift city experience at its fucked-up best, the new tunes particularly are perfectly suited to that environment, make of that what you will. "

Source: The Enemy.

The Verve to headline Glastonbury
The Verve are confirmed to play Glastonbuty, they will close the festival on June 29th.

Source: Angry Ape.

20 January 2008
The Verve to play Coachella
The Verve are confirmed to play Coachella, the most overated festival, this year.

The Verve threaten to delay album release
Due to EMI laying off 2000 employees, several bands on the label, including The Verve are threatening to delay the release of their forthcoming album due later this year, in fear that it won't be properly promoted.

Source: Angry Ape.

New Album due this year
The New Verve album will be released in May or June of this year, just in time for the festival season. "This is the album we were always supposed to make" article coming soon.

Source: Angry Ape.

18 November 2007
Richard on new album and sound
In an exclusive interview with xfm./, Richard Ascroft says he hopes to rleaese the new album early 2008. He also say that the new material sounds pretty "wow". He also says the band wants to visit some of their heaveier groove sound. He also says it might be time to so something "out there". Here is a quote from the interview:
"Some of the new stuff sounded pretty 'wow' you know", he began. "I think we wanna revisit some of our heavier groove stuff and take that somewhere else you know. "So basically for the first few weeks weÍve just literally been plugging in and playing and playing and playing and then I think what well do is when we get back weÍll review a lot of it, zone in on the best stuff and try to get the overall concept of what its gonna be. "But I think it might be time to do something pretty 'out there', and I think weÍre all happy to do that, do you know what I mean? Hopefully weÍll finish it early next year, and put it out in May or June."
Full article:

The Live Return of The Verve
The first round of gigs from the "reunion" tour went extremely well from all accounts we've read. The played one new song called, 'Sit and Wonder'. ANother new song 'Appalachian Springs' was on the set list but never played. Their first gig at tThe Gasglow Academy on November weilded a mighty set-list:
This is Music
All In The Mind
Weeping Willow
Lifes An Ocean
Space And Time
Sit And Wonder (New Song)
Velvet Morning
Already There
Let The Damage Begin
A Northern Soul
The Drugs Dont Work
The Rolling People
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Man Called Sun
Lucky Man
Come On

Full article:

3 November 2007
Verve play first gig in 9 years
Here's a little note on the 'Thaw Session'. What you hear is the first thing that went to tape, yes, tape- we were already playing as the machine went into record- literally twenty mins after si turned up. When we decided to make this available we started to edit and polish, get the intro a little more slick, move instruments around, etc, and then Si and myself had a think and decided to do that would be out of step with the spirit of the offering. It's not a "taster", it's not a "clue" it's not a "used up b-side", it's not a "weaker track" or "out of step with the album" or any of that shit. Keep guessing Sherlock. This is what you would have heard had you been in the room with us, and you my friends, get to hear it. Gratis. Make of that what you will. Anyway, three days off albeit with tonsilitis and a particularly onerous 'comedy pickpocketing', back to the grind. Later.
Source: Nick McCabe.

23 October 2007
Nick McCabe comments on 'Thaw Sessions'
Here's a little note on the 'Thaw Session'. What you hear is the first thing that went to tape, yes, tape- we were already playing as the machine went into record- literally twenty mins after si turned up. When we decided to make this available we started to edit and polish, get the intro a little more slick, move instruments around, etc, and then Si and myself had a think and decided to do that would be out of step with the spirit of the offering. It's not a "taster", it's not a "clue" it's not a "used up b-side", it's not a "weaker track" or "out of step with the album" or any of that shit. Keep guessing Sherlock. This is what you would have heard had you been in the room with us, and you my friends, get to hear it. Gratis. Make of that what you will. Anyway, three days off albeit with tonsilitis and a particularly onerous 'comedy pickpocketing', back to the grind. Later.
Source: Nick McCabe.

22 October 2007
The Verve release a New Song er...Session
The Verve have released a new song (session) called "The Thaw Session" exclusively on It's 14 minute epic ala early Verve. It's obviously a reference to the hidden track on 'Urban Hymns' called 'Deep Freeze'. I suspect it's from their first jam session together. It's encoded in 320kbps. Dig it!

13 October 2007
New Song Titles revealed
Simon Jones has posted a new entry on his myspace blog. He said rehearsals are going amazing and it appears the band are digging into their back catalogue heavily including 'All in the Mind' which Simon says sounds amazing. Some of the new tracks are 'Sit and Wonder', 'Judas', 'Appalachian Springs', 'Mona Lisa' and 'Rather Be'
Yo! Been pretty effin busy over last couple of months - September was spent in Terry Britten's amazing studio in Richmond. It's brimming with vintage gear, an old E.M.I desk(Pink Floyd-Dark side of moon era) and billions of guitars,old analog gear, a treasure trove of effects pedals(nick, like a kid in a toy shop!). The Sessions have been pretty amazing, we certainly have an embarrassment of riches where material is concerned! We will need to do a lot of listening over the next few months before we reconvene in the New Year to pull it all together! Plenty of hour long jams! and killer choons! we just need to get the balance right.

Last week kicked off with the Q awards-fckin weird dipping your toes into such showbiz events-think that will be my last venture to such affairs-I had to leave before the dinner was served-who wants to eat that shit when you can eat pies! What the fck am I on about-just had to leave and get the fck outta that place! Maaaaaan!

Anyway, the remainder of the week was spent rehearsing"up north" (what a freakin luxury to make music away from that big London place!) with Nick and Pete. Richard will be joining us later when we've gotten the music together. Gotta say - twas the greatest few days playin' old tunes! Started with Life's an Ocean and gotta say it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! So far we got a short list of about 20 odd tunes to pool from for these first gigs, in no particular order we played-Make it till Monday, Virtual world,She's a Superstar, Gravity Grave,This is Music, A New Decade, On your Own, History, Stormy Clouds,Life's an Ocean, A Northern Soul, All in the Mind!(Sounded Amazing), B.S.S.,Drugs don't Work, Sonnet, Lucky Man, Come on, Weeping Willow, Rolling people, Velvet morning, Space and time,Man Called sun, Starsail and new ones,should I give titles away yet?fck it-Sit and Wonder,Judas,Appalachian Springs. Other new ones we are planning to do - maybe-Mona Lisa and Rather Be. I don't want to give the game away(already have) but I would like some feedback on all this-Now's the time to speak up! What have we missed that u wanna hear? Is it too early to play new stuff? do we skip the obvious? do we do the obscure? Let me know! Later.....Si Jones.
Source: Simon Jones.

2 October 2007
The Verve Announce more UK dates
verve 07 press

With The Verve's previously announced November tour totally sold out, the band can now announce a second UK Tour for December 2007.

The dates and venues are as follows:
Thursday 13th December - London o2 Arena
Saturday 15th December - Glasgow SECC Centre
Monday 17th December - Belfast Odyssey Arena
Thursday 20th December - Manchester Central

Tickets will go on general sale at 10am on Friday 5th October

Subscribers to The Verve's mailing list will have access to an exclusive advance ticket pre-sale. This will take place from 9am on Thursday 4th October via the above password-protected links. All registered users will receive the required password within the next 24 hours.

The Verve are this week's NME cover stars
nme cover 07

Apparently the article says the new material will be similar to early Verve material. Full Article


8 July 2007
Glastonbury DVD Update
More details have emerged. According to, the limited 3DVD will contain extra tracks from the Verve among others. I assume this means extra concert footage? It also will contain the full 50 minutes performances of many bands including The Verve from 1993. Dig it! The DVD will be released on July 16th.

7 July 2007
Verve Live Material
Simon Jones has posted 2 live tracks from The Verve's Washington DC 1996 gig over on his site. Nick McCabe has posted over on his site that the tracks are not to be shared or downloaded. So please respect their wishes. If you do happen to get hold of them, please keep them for your own personal use. Here is what he has to say on the subject:
"PPS. Please don't share/download any of Si or my tunes people- not cool- we're only trying to give you some nice little goodies you wouldn't otherwise get to hear, we're not trying to scam you or 'owt- we're (adopts patronising psychiatrist voice) "Sharing". ;-) I know it's not fucken Bacharach or anything, but enjoy- just don't nick it....End of Sermon. Kissy."

The Verve's November tour sells out in minutes
It was all about 5 minutes and they were gone. If you missed out, you will have to pay exorbedent prices on ebay.

How the reunion happened
In this week's NME, The Verve manager Jazz Summers has revealed why The Verve have got back together.

"We did keep it quite quiet." explained the band's manager Jazz Summers. A couple of moths ago, Richard Ashcroft had a conversation with me and said, "You know we made fantastic music. I think it would be fantastic if we got back together."

Despite their turbulent history - Ashcroft rang his former bandmates and suggested they reconvene.

"We didn't make any decision until they'd been in the studio and made some music, that's the reason for doing it." said Summers.

There have been suggestions that The Verve's return is all about generating large amounts of cash.

"I think The Sun said they'd been offered £20 million to get back together," laughed Summers. "if they want to pay us £20m to do a gig then maybe, but no, it was all about the music. They're all really excited about what happened in the studio."

Ashcroft and McCabe, along with original bassist Simon Jones and drummer Pete Salisbury will start work on an album in september.

26 June 2007
A Storm In Hell Freezes Over

The Verve have reformed! They've been in the studio recording new material and a tour is scheduled for November of this year. They will return to the Studio after summer to finish up the new album.

In a statement, the band have announced they were: "Getting back together for the joy of the music." According to rumours, it's for the money. Supposedly they were offered a great deal of money. What to believe? Who know, although I suspect it will be more a collaberative album. Let's face it, Urban Hymns was good, but nothing compared to the first 2 albums. The only band memeber not rejoining is Simon Tong. Another interesting note you may notice if you visit The Verve's new site is says that they unsigned.

Tour Dates:
Friday 2nd Nov: Glasgow Academy
Saturday 3rd Nov: Glasgow Academy
Monday 5th Nov: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
Tuesday 6th Nov: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
Thursday 8th Nov: London Roundhouse
Friday 9th Nov: London Roundhouse

Tickets go on sale on Friday 6th July. For any further information please go to They also so have a new site

Nick McCabe confirms The Verve's reformation
Nick on his site provides a link to the new Verve site, where he says the new songs they are recording are sounding great. He also says this at the end of his updated "About" section, "Anger is an energy....hatred is a waste of time...."

The Kilborn Sessions
Check out Simon Jones' new site for some songs he recorded with Nick McCabe, Simon Jones, and Leon Parr after the Verve broke up for a movie soundtrack which they never finished. You can read more about it at Simon's myspace site.

Unreleased Verve and Nick McCabe Goodness
Check out Nick's new site. Aslo worth a mentione Nick says this over on his site

Unreleased Verve material to be released?
Also worth a mention, Nick writes over at his site that there is loads of unreleased Verve material (and possibly live material from DATs) that might see the light of day.
Si Jones has found a big box full of tunes. Basically everything the Verve commited to tape, including cassette if you remember what that is. Pete S and myself are threatening to turn up at Jones castle with a crate of beer and hard disks. Will be a good weekend once we pull our collective fingers out. Might put it on his own site, if he doesn't bottle it this time... Hands up who'd like to see Jonesy on Myspace?

Glastonbury The Move - Update
Apparently there are 2 versions. A limited Edition Box Set with 2DVD/ 2CD and 64 page book (Out now) and a Special Edition with 3DVD Boxset (out on July 9). Hopefully the Verve's complete gig will be on one of these.

12 May 2007
New Nick McCabe remix

Nick has remixed a song on the forthcoming Nova Saints EP. They are a great band, check them out.

Glastonbury 1993 DVD
Glastonbury the movie will be released on July 9th, 2007 and will apparently feature complete gigs. here are the details:

Disc One: 'Glastonbury The Movie' - Along with the main feature the user will have the ability to 'Follow The Cow'. This is a way of setting up the 'play run' so that at relevant moments during the film, on being prompted by a little cow icon in the corner of the screen the viewer is able to branch off into a host of added material. Of the forty or so times that the cow pops up the extras could be anything from the continuation of a stage performance to an interview about the fire ceremony at the stone circle.

Some of the branches are: extra songs from The Verve, Lemonheads, Orb, Spiritualized, full 50 minute audio-only gigs, studio recorded versions of the tunes, Airto Moreira's percussion master-class and many more street/field performers.

Another extra feature on this disk uses the unique programming facility of DVD to allow the viewer to watch various extended 'Special Plays' of the movie featuring the extra material edited together with the original Feature. Maximum Length 3hrs 20 mins.

Disc Two: Multiangle - This disc makes full use of the multiplexing capabilities of DVD-Video. Again 96 minutes long but with 4 simultaneous video tracks and 9 audio tracks the disc contains over 6 hours of video and 14 hours of audio. By pressing the 'angle' and 'audio' buttons on their remote control the viewer can determine their own unique experience every time they watch. Also including a pre-programmed set of shuffle and randomise functions it can automatically provide its own unique 'edit' every time it's played. It's possible to have the disk play for 92 hours without having the same sound and picture running in sync twice.

Disc Three: Extras

20 September 2006
The Nova Saints

I just heard fromThe Nova Saints management and here is what he had to say.
"the boys will be in the studio in a couple of weeks time. They're getting a track mixed by Geoff Barrow (portishead) and the rest are being produced and mixed by Nick McCabe (The Verve). These tracks are going to be demos... "

20 September 2006
The Nova Saints

I just heard fromThe Nova Saints management and here is what he had to say.
"the boys will be in the studio in a couple of weeks time. They're getting a track mixed by Geoff Barrow (portishead) and the rest are being produced and mixed by Nick McCabe (The Verve). These tracks are going to be demos... "

16 August 2006
Simon Tong's new project

Simon Tong is currently part of a band called Transmission with Youth (Killing Joke, Orb, Urban Hymms producer) on bass. Their myspace site says the music is Rock/Experimental/Alternative. The debut album will be released on August 16th. They also have an EP which is out now. The music is instrumental moody and wonderful. check it out!

28 July 2006
Nick McCabe appears on stage!


Former Verve man makes surprise appearence
But it's not Richard Ashcroft
Founding Verve member Nick McCabe made his first live appearance in eight years at the weekend (July 22).

The guitarist joined Bristol band The Nova Saints (formerly Spencer, see below post for more info) The Nova Saints onstage during their performance at Ashton Court Festival in Bristol.

It was the first time McCabe has played live since quitting The Verve following their homecoming show at Haigh Hall, Wigan in 1998.

McCabe - who has been working closely with the unsigned five-piece on recordings for the past year - was welcomed onstage for the band's final song, the appropriately titled 'The Last Song', to play guitar on the track which is heavily indebted to Verve guitarist's early work.

Since quitting The Verve eight years ago, McCabe has worked with both John Martyn and The Music, but has kept a relatively low public profile.

Some of the guitarist's work with The Nova Saints can be heard on their site

14 December 2005
Nick McCabe wearabouts

Apparently Nick is producing a new band called Spencer. Check out their top notch song on Their website seems to be down at the moment.

14 December 2005
New Richard Album due in Yew Year

The album called, 'Keys to the world' due out on January 23, will be recededed by the single 'Break The Night With Colour' on January 9th

Here is the album tracklsiting:
1. Why Not Nothing?
2. Music Is Power
3. Break the Night With Colour
4. Words Just Get in the Way
5. Keys to the World
6. Sweet Brother Malcolm
7. Cry Til the Morning
8. Why Do Lovers?
9. Simple Song
10. World Keeps Turning
For more details check Ashcroft Unofficial

10 May 2005
No Come down reissue

It is due on June 20th in the UK. I have no idea if it will be remastered.

11 January 2005
Electronic outfit cover 'Gravity Grave'

Electronic sound experimentist Fennesz covers' The verve's 'gravity grave' on a compilation of '90's covers on the AC30 label. It is due out in spring 2005. The compliation also features song covers of Slowdive, Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine (not sure which bands cover them).
Fennesz uses guitar and computer to create shimmering, swirling electronic sound of enormous range and complex musicality. "Imagine the electric guitar severed from clich? and all of its physical limitations, shaping a bold new musical language." - (City Newspaper, USA).

9 December 2004
The Heavy

Nick McCabe has produced the forthcoming release by The Heavy. The EP entitled 'In the Morning' is due out in early 2005 on the Lumenessence Recordings label.

9 December 2004
Verve box set on the way?

John Leckie was recently interviewed at Poptones' Questions of Doom
and revealed that a Verve box set is due to be released:
You worked with Richard during the time of the first Verve split? Are the sessions going to be released.

They are coming out on the Verve box sit. The Verve have a new greatest hits coming out and the one song Richard and I worked on - is going to be on the Greatest Hits called Monte Carlo. How did we get it together? This was after the first split between Nick McCabe and Richard. We went up to work on songs at Realworld Studios. And we were doing the new songs. But he was lacking the instrumentalist, really. There was Richard, the bass player, the drummer and another one that really didn't take off the way that Nick McCabe did with Richard. We ended up doing thirty songs. But Richard would never finish anything. The songs at that time were Drugs Don't Work and Sonnett. I would always say - lets' get back in the studio and finish these songs off. Richard was first up for it and then he would come in with some new songs. At that time Richard was full of uncertainty without Nick in the band. He is probably like that now.

9 December 2004
Verve Best of CD and DVD released

In case you didn't know these released on November 1. The CD includes 2 previously unreleased tracks from the Urban Hymns period. They have appeared on bootlegs however. Apparently all the tracks have been remastered and bit of certain songs are slightly different. [Ed: Let's hope they remaster all the albums!]